kermesse ?

But why do we let-from auctions, painting under his arm and without packaging, in heavy rain?
From this observation, repeated many times, we are committed to find an intelligent answer, practical, and can be used for all:

Documentalists, Advertising, Architects, Artists, Galleries, Photographers, Museums, Collectors and conveyors.

We then created the product Kermesse , covers for transport of art works (paintings, photographs, drawings) objects, technical or valuable documents.    
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They provide full protection for your products with lamination material bubble foam protection inside and outside translucent film backing.

Kermesse covers are available in four standard formats , in black color :
  • 40 X 35 cm
  • 78 X 67 cm
  • 105 X 100 cm
  • 140 X 100 cm

We can also make custom slipcovers measures, depending on your needs.

the kermesse strenghts

Points forts de Kermesse - practical


The Kermesse cover provides significant time savings in terms of packaging
Points forts de Kermesse - reusable


You can use the kermesse cover as many times as necessary for all your art works.
Points forts de Kermesse - versatile


You can use the kermesse coverfor all types of documents, paintings and precious objects.
Points forts de Kermesse - solid


With its durable nylon canvas exterior and complex foam material, the kermesse cover guarantee optimal protection of your works.

kermesse video

the kermesse expertise

Thanks to our design office and our garment factory, we apply all our skills and know-how at the service of your artwork and valuables.

The Kermesse covers, a product for everyone, versatile, practical, light and safe

the kermesse making

Development, creation, and producing 100% made ​​in France, our based workshops near Lyon .
With a dedicated team we are engaged in manufacturing of our covers with a perfect finish, an individual control of each product, and that, in a timely manner

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they choose kermesse

They have chosen us and trust us to protect and transport their artworks
kermesse - référence Mairie de Paris
kermesse - référence les arthothèques de France
kermesse - référence galeries privées et particuliers
kermesse - référence FIAC